Chicago Cubs Launch Updated YouTube Channel

The Chicago Cubs today launched an updated YouTube Channel full of new content this fan found quite compelling. I’m glad to see the award-winning Cubs Productions team continue its impressive run.

As the new trailer shows, the Cubs are going to offer a variety of features from reviews of key moments, interviews with Cub favorites, Top Ten lists, segments with Cubs players and staff mic’d up, and other fun features.

I immediately watched the first episode of The Breakdown, a look at one of the top moments of the 2018 season: David Bote’s ultimate grand slam against the Washington Nationals.

This clip includes interviews with Bote, manager Joe Maddon, and the other players who got on base ahead of Bote to make the game-winning home run possible.

We get to hear the players’ insights into how they approached their at-bats during this key inning, including what kinds of pitches they thought they might see and how their history against the Nationals pitcher impacted their thinking as they tried to focus on keeping the game alive.

The feature is just over 10 minutes long, but that time went by quickly as we see how that inning developed. I got the chills again seeing Bote’s swing and his celebratory run around the bases.

Like other fans, I anticipate that the Cubs will be using this new YouTube channel to see what kinds of content work best as the team prepare for the launch of the new Marquee Sports Network in 2020.

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