Returning to the Basketball Court

Last night I took my youngest son to see our favorite NBA team, the Boston Celtics, play at the Sacramento Kings.

My son has blossomed into a basketball player after switching to the sport a little more than two years ago when his gymnastics career came to an end. He just completed a successful season on his high school’s freshman basketball team. And people who follow me on Facebook or Instagram have seen some of his many highlights.

This was my first NBA game in about 20 years. I went to a Washington Wizards game when I lived in the D.C. area. I didn’t find that game all that fun to watch. I saw big-time agents interacting during warm-up periods in ways that made me cringe. The style of play at that time was difficult to watch. It didn’t make me want to return anytime soon. Baseball and hockey for me!

But a parent does respond when a child loves something. Since his switch to basketball, I’ve been getting back into the game more and more. It helps that the current era of NBA basketball is more to my liking—more flow, more passing, more scoring. I’ve seen enough focus on isolation and one-on-one play to last a lifetime or two.

While I’ve watched hundreds of Celtics games over the years on television, I’ve never attended one in person. Since my son’s schedule was free, I decided to take him.

We had a great time. The Golden 1 Center in Sacramento is amazing. We were sitting in the nosebleed area, but we could see everything. They have mic’d up the rims and nets so even we could hear the ball swish through the net or bounce off the rim. The food was great and my son had an awesome time.

It’s entertainment, after all. And my guess is that it won’t be two decades before I get to my next NBA game.

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