Rounding the Internet Bases (November 16, 2020)

Here are some of the things I liked on the internet today:


The Majority Report today includes an interview with Daniel Nichanian to discuss how Democrats faired in down ballot races across the country.


Federico Finchelstein writes in the Washington Post about what the history of coups can tell us about Trump’s refusal to concede. As he writes, “Trump’s refusal to concede is an attack on the state and democratic government.”


The Press Box discusses the trend of journalists moving to Substack and discuss Reeves Wiedeman to discuss the fall of WeWork.

The Guardian’s Day in Focus asks a question: What will it take for Donald Trump to concede? Lawrence Douglas doesn’t think he will, but he may submit to the result. (I think that makes sense.) Regardless, it is always bracing to hear how other countries are viewing what’s happening here.

Planetary Society Radio invites its experts to outline what they think the election results mean for NASA.


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