Rounding the Internet Bases (November 15, 2020)

Here are some of the things I found on the internet today:


David Wallace-Wells asks a New York Intelligencer article whether the third wave of the pandemic may do enough harm that we finally un-normalize our response to it.

The AthleticUK’s Daniel Taylor profiles Dave Fevre, a longtime English Premiere League physiotherapist who helped Manchester United win the FA Cup, League, and Champions League treble in 1999.

This is from 2017, but Elizabeth Kolbert’s New Yorker article explaining the evolutionary reasons Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds is one I come back to a bunch.


The On The Media team takes a deep dive into the conservative media ecosystem thatt has created an alternate reality thant help explain why so many believe the lie that the election was stolen from Trump.

Why It Matters discusses why we should focus on the disparities and public health problems created when fifty-five percent of the global population lacks access to safe sanitation.

In this episode of The Daily Stoic, Ryan Holiday interviews author Amy Shearn about how she has embraced and wrestled with the philosophy while writing a feature story about Ryan’s work.


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